10 Best Countries to Visit in Africa

Africa is home to much more than safaris and pyramids, the second largest continent and the second most populous continent on the planet.

While beautiful beaches and steep slopes line up along its coasts, the vast interior Includes everything from mountains and deserts to tropical rainforests and Niles.

Home to a wide range of different cultures and languages, Africa provides a closed environment a combination of old and new since many of its centuries-old traditions and customs are still alive day.

Here’s an overview of the best countries to visit in Africa:

10. Namibia

Namibia is located in the southwest of the continent and is one of the least populous countries in Africa.

This is because many of them consist of arid and desolate landscapes and the unforgiving Namib Desert.

A former German colony, it gained independence from South Africa only in 1990, so it is still possible to see some colonial-era architecture in its capital Windhoek.

However, most people visit its magnificent national parks, which are home to stunning landscapes and wildlife.

In Itosha National Park, for example, you can discover lions and elephants and Black rhinos wandering around Kalahari.

Another popular destination among tourists is the Skeleton Coast, which contains a lot of scary shipwrecks scattered along the dangerous Atlantic coast.

9. Tunisia

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Tunisia has long been a popular tourist destination, located between Algeria and Libya on the Mediterranean coast of North Africa.

Due to its wonderful warm weather and welcoming beaches, many Europeans come here to enjoy its golden sands and swim in the sea.

However, Tunisia is not limited to the sun, sea, and sand: the country is also full of impressive archaeological sites dating back thousands of years.

This is because, throughout its history, it was ruled by everyone from Carthaginians, Romans, Ottomans to Arabs and then to the French.

Among the many historical sites, the magnificent Roman amphitheater in Al-Jam and the remains and ruins of Carthage are undeniable highlights.

8. Uganda

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home not only to the highest mountain range on the continent and the source of the Nile, Landlocked Uganda is also located on the border of Africa’s largest lake.

Although the tourism industry and infrastructure are not entirely developed compared to neighboring Kenya and Tanzania, this makes its stunning views more exciting to explore.

Long neglected by its turbulent and tragic past, Uganda is slowly regaining its title of “Pearl of Africa”.

Largely because it is one of only three countries in the world where you can Mountain gorillas can be seen in the wild.

Seeing majestic creatures up close in the cloudy rainforest is an incredible experience, and it is simply a must in Uganda.

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