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There are certain parts of the world that, once visited, enter your heart and will not go. For me, India is such an area.

Much has changed since India gained independence seventy years ago; the economic revolution has introduced new wealth to booming cities, while technology continues to spread to the most unlikely corners of the country.

Yet, as urban India moves towards the future at a breakneck pace, vast swathes of the subcontinent still remain unexplored by travelers. Little-explored regions such as Gujarat, Arunachal Pradesh – or the distant Andaman Islands – offer flavors and cultures very different from more touristic states such as Rajasthan, Kerala or Goa.

Traveling to India has also become much easier. The launch of e-Tourist visas has reduced red tape for citizens of more than 150 countries, and homestay tax exemption has provided new opportunities for visitors to immerse themselves in Indian life.

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August 14, 2022