12 Ways to Find Luxury Vacations That Are Surprisingly Affordable

3. Travel where your money goes further

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But it’s not just the exchange rate that will determine how cheap your vacation is. Also, consider the cost of living at your destination.

For example, the low cost of living in Africa, Malaysia, Thailand, and Poland will allow you to find affordable luxury flights, from five-star hotels that break offers to gastronomy for a flight.

If you plan to travel to Europe, your money will go even further whenever you travel east. Think of Pristina instead of Paris, and Ljubljana instead of London.

Be a smart traveler and try to choose a country where you can live a luxurious life for less.

4. Avoid more tourist destinations

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To extend your travel budget, throw the Cayman Islands to Cuba; Giving up Italy for Iran.

If these are the lakes and mountains you’re looking for, visit Lake Bled in Slovenia instead of Lake Geneva in Switzerland.

The most popular travel sites to visit are also the most expensive, so look for emerging or off-route destinations instead.

In addition to lower hotel prices, the cost of living will also be lower and is unlikely to be affected by other travelers.

Sometimes, you can have a more authentic experience in a lower tourist destination and locals will be less coarse and more welcoming.

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