The most beautiful tourist destinations in the world

The most beautiful tourist destinations in the world when one of us decides to travel, the first thing to start planning is the destination he will go to, and surely the destination of travel is important; it is a place that guarantees us the enjoyment of time, the goal of travel, and make the most of it, and there are an unlimited number of tourist destinations in the world, which may confuse us, and in this article we will learn about the best tourist destinations in the world according to different tastes, which benefits those who intend to travel to choose A tourist destination that suits their different desires.

The world’s most beautiful tourist destinations for natural lovers

Many people take the trouble to travel for nature, and one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world that includes the most beautiful natural environments:


Iceland is an island country, located in the North Atlantic between North America and Europe, and is one of the Nature lovers’ favorite destinations are the fact that they have many attractive areas, such as dettifoss Waterfall, from which 500 cubic metres of water flows per second and is considered one of the most streamed waterfalls in the world, It is 300 metres long, 100 metres wide, and those who visit it feel awe of the power of nature it represents.


Spain occupies 85% of the Iberian Peninsula and is located in southwestern Europe, a country with a diverse landscape, with seas, plateaus, plains and other breathtaking areas, such as the moon-like Bardinas Realis Desert, one of the very few deserts in Europe, and a great variety of people to choose to film many famous and international films and series.


Eastern Caribbean island states, 47 km long, with picturesque mountainous terrain, volcanic springs, rivers and waterfalls, can be visited to see sperm whales, swim and dive, and enjoy life and marine organisms there.


Located in the western Pacific Ocean, the Republic of Palau consists of approximately 340 atolls and volcanoes, with the world’s first shark reserve, and is also home to golden jellyfish, along with coral reefs and sandy beaches, which can be visited not only for enjoyment; but also for skin rejuvenation.


is located in central Europe, a non-coastal country, but it has its many high mountains and lakes, and one of its most famous natural sites is the Alps, surrounded by green valleys, topped by snow-capped peaks, such as the summit of Mount Matterhorn, called the Mountain mountain, with a height of 4,572 metres, located on the Swiss-Italian border.

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