The BEST ISLANDS In Thailand

thailand islands

Koh Mak in the province of TRAT

Koh Mak island

This is in the middle of lots and lots of incredibly beautiful islands and beaches it’s a great place to base yourself if you’re looking to get away from things this is a very quiet relaxing peaceful island it’s beautiful absolutely gorgeous the beaches the nearby islands are incredibly beautiful and KOH MAK just chills out in the middle of this collection of incredible islands the center is full of rubber tree plantations and it’s dotted with a few little resorts and a few little restaurants not overrun very quiet very beautiful if you’re looking for one of those islands in Thailand that’s off the beaten track not on everybody’s radar but really quiet really beautiful then you have to visit KOH MAK

Koh Tao in the province of SURAT THANI

Koh Tao island

Is an incredible island and it’s up there is one of my favorites because it has some of the best diving in the world I recently just tested that out and I have to say that they’ve done a really great job since covert rejuvenating the wildlife in the corals and everything under the sea there are whale sharks there are dozens of great dive schools great hotels great Airbnbs fantastically cheap hostels parties on the beach sunsets absolutely out of this world fire shows it’s not too big it’s not too small you can get around quite easily there’s viewpoints there’s abandoned hotels you can go explore lots to see and do on the tiny island of Koh Tao one of my favorites and somewhere that i’ve been going to since 2008 it’s easily one of the best islands in the entire country

Koh Phangan in the province of SURAT THANI

Koh Phangan island

The home of the full moon party but don’t let that be the only thing it’s famous for it’s one of the most wild islands it’s just full of jungle and mountains and lizards and snakes and bugs and it’s a real real jungle in the middle of this island but on the outsides and all around our beautiful white sand beaches amazing viewpoints and tricks you can do there’s kayaking there’s real communities of you know alternative style living people into yoga people into meditation people into vegan food there’s a real hippie side there and on the hadrian that’s where everyone goes to party and dance until the sun comes up Koh Phangan is way more than just a full moon party and when you go there you’ll find out for yourself it’s quite big rent a motorcycle drive around find your place and enjoy the paradise of Koh Phangan.

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