The BEST ISLANDS In Thailand

thailand islands

Koh Kood in the province of TRAT


Is here it’s a very quiet island but it’s quite big actually it’s one of the biggest islands for how quiet it is next to koh chang in the province of trat get the ferry there and get ready to relax there’s no big party scene there there’s no loads of resorts when you arrive you just arrive at this fishing village and then you find your own cheap guest house like i did or you can stay in a really fancy place if you want to there’s lots of different options for budgets amazing waterfalls great trekking fantastic paddle boarding just beautiful island very quiet and off the beaten track Koh Kood

Koh Chang

Koh Chang hotel

What a place very big not commercial beautiful roads great hotels great friendly people lots to see and do there’s waterfalls there’s trekking there’s friendly elephants you can have great sunsets great food you can go on boat trips there’s delicious seafood there’s parties there ko chang has it all it’s not too commercial it’s quite easy to get to as well the ferry from the mainland only takes about 20 minutes so it’s not too stressful if you’re sick on boats and things like that just get on the car ferry and you’re straight there koh chang is waiting for you to be discovered it’s beautiful and i can see why it’s always someone’s favorite island it’s absolutely stunning

Phuket Island

Even though it’s a cloudy overcast day what a place this is Phuket is so big it’s actually its own province and it doesn’t actually feel like you’re on an island because not only is the island connected by bridge but it has an international airport it’s really easy to get to Bangkok and other parts of Thailand and even back to Europe or the states because it’s an international airport right and there’s so much to see and do in Phuket and you will see a fraction of this island it’s really big it’s beautiful there’s so much to do and see it’s ridiculous you can see why it’s the number one destination for tourism in Thailand there are parts like patong and qatar and carron where it’s a lively part of the island lots to do lots of tourism lots of taxis trying to charge you too much and all the kind of other stuff you have to deal with but then when you really get to know this island there are beautiful shorelines secluded beaches ancient old towns with beautiful buildings and delicious food there’s also malls and cinemas you can just really live here base yourself here like i’ve been doing happily for three weeks it’s going to be difficult to leave phuket it’s my second favorite island on the entire country of thailand beautiful even on a cloudy day

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