How to live a healthy life

healthy life

Physical activities and exercise

Physical activities

Physical activities and exercise are one of the most important factors that contribute to the maintenance of a healthy life, and the lack of activities and exercises leads to an unhealthy life accompanied by obesity, weakness, and ease of disease, and the tips that can be followed in this area are the following:

Exercise regularly, because of its impact on the prevention of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and can also practice weight-bearing exercises, to strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis.

Regular exercise may help people with arthritis disease improve their ability to do certain daily activities such as driving vehicles and climbing stairs.

Exercise may contribute to improving mood and self-confidence, and relieving stress and anxiety.

Moderate exercise for thirty minutes a day at least three to five days a week, and exercise times can be divided into several separate times on the same day.

It is advisable to start exercising gradually to avoid exposure to sports injuries, pain and fatigue.

Making an effort during exercise can lead to pain and fatigue, and if you feel pain, stop doing the exercise to identify the source of the pain.

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