How To Be a Strong Personality

How To Be a Strong Personality

Having one’s own opinion:

An individual with a strong personality should not be ashamed to express his own opinions, convictions, and principles, in addition to accepting and respecting the opinions of others, not mocking them, or trying to impose his opinion by force.

Increasing science and knowledge:

A strong personality comes through a strong mind, so a person must be careful to increase his scientific and cognitive yield constantly, by constantly reading useful books, or enrolling in some courses that help increase life and social experiences.

Avoid comparison:

The individual with a strong personality realizes that every human being has weaknesses and strengths, and that he possesses qualities and abilities that distinguish him from others, as there is no ideal person in this world, and therefore will avoid comparing himself with others, and look at what they have, but instead will work to focus on the strengths he possesses, and aims to develop and strengthen them.

Attention to the external appearance:

This is done by wearing clothes that suit and suit him, maintaining personal hygiene, in addition to taking care of the physical structure through exercise, in order to maintain the appropriate weight.

Enjoy firmness and determination:

Assertiveness means having the ability to express one’s own opinions, to defend them boldly and tactfully, without having to resort to aggressiveness and screaming, as well as to distinguish situations and times that need to exercise firmness and intensity from those that require dealing with softness and kindness.


This is done by accepting oneself as it is, believing in his ability to achieve the goals he seeks, whatever circumstances and obstacles he will face, and he sees himself worthy of all the victories he has achieved and accomplished, and is not afraid to be proud of it in front of others.

Taking Responsibility:

One of the most important characteristics of a strong personality is that a person takes responsibility for his actions, admits his mistakes, and does not blame others.

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