Month: October 2022

family photos

13 Ways to take family photos professionally while traveling to celebrate New Year

Photography is one of the most important elements of enjoying tourist holidays where everyone loves to document the most wonderful moments of the trip and record these happy and unique times in beautiful successful and high-quality family photos. With the arrival of New Year’s trips, it is necessary to think about taking attractive pictures of […]

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The Best Healthy Diet, How to Maintain Weight Loss After a Diet

The Best Healthy Diet, How to Maintain Weight Loss

Weight Loss There are many ways that can be followed in order to lose weight, but their success depends heavily on the individual’s insistence on following the diet program that he decides to follow, not rushing the results he seeks to reach, and the methods of weight loss are many and cannot be limited to […]

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Best Diet

1 Of The Best Diet Ever

Is there a diet that is the best of all? Some people may wonder about the best diet in the world to lose weight or the best healthy diet to burn fat, but there is no perfect diet, as the right diet varies from person to person depending on their genes and lifestyle, as the […]

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traveling with your pet

8 Tips for Bringing Your Pet on a Road Trip

Your pet may be your best friend, but not necessarily your best travel companion, or may it be The answer to this question depends on you, the trip to travel with your pet can be a real nightmare if you do not prepare for it well, and it can be a great experience if you […]

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The Best Way to Travel With Your Kids

Parents usually feel nervous when hearing the word travel, traveling with children, especially if they have a baby among them, is difficult and represents special suffering for each mother, so many mothers prefer to postpone the idea of traveling until the children grow up and become able to rely on themselves. But this method deprives […]

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Food Tourism

Food Tourism: Travel to Eat and Taste

When you think of Istanbul, what might come to mind, away from the Bosphorus, Galata, Sultanahmet, and Taksim? Don’t you also think about kebabs, shawarma, baklava, haloum, and countless other foods and cuisines? And if I tell you to imagine yourself in Italy, don’t you quickly think of pizza and pasta with their different varieties […]

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The Art of Cooking

8 Ways to Learn The Art of Cooking

The Art of Cooking 1-Learn how to buy Cooking Supplies It is advisable to follow the following to purchase cooking supplies: Prepare a plan with the shopping list before going to the food market, preferably for the person to be enough for 3-4 days. Know the essential nutrients he needs. Put fruits and vegetables at […]

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Healthy food is one that contains all the daily nutritional requirements that the human body needs at all stages of its life, food is the main pillar of good health and the body is free of diseases, and in many cases, food is a source of human infection with various diseases, when it contains various […]

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What is a healthy breakfast?

Healthy Breakfast The first meal of the day, breakfast, may contain healthy sources of carbohydrates to provide the body with energy, fats, and dietary fiber that help to give a feeling of satiety, and should also contain protein, as it contributes to building and maintaining muscle. Although there are many varieties of breakfast that provide […]

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Travel Scams

10 Smart Tips to Avoid Travel Scams

Tips to avoid being robbed and fraudulent booking scams while traveling, 10 Smart Tips to Avoid Travel Scams “I want to travel, but I’m afraid of being robbed or deceived in another country.” Here are some expert tips for travel and tourism for tourist trips without being robbed, holiday booking scams, and fraudulent. Traveling around […]

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