You should experience a Caribbean Vacation at least once in your life

Relaxed in Caribbean Beaches
Caribbean Beaches

Caribbean Vacation Ideas #1:

Cayman Brac – a scuba diving trip, one of the Cayman Islands. It’s a very rural and a very laid-back place to visit. This was really nice because you did not feel at all like tourists. The area around the island is a wildlife preserve so no fishing of any kind is allowed. This made for some spectacular opportunities to observe marine life.

In addition, there is some great wall diving and one of the deepest points in the world is a mile or two offshore. At the Brac Reef Beach Resort. The staff was great and all your meals and dives were included in your week-long vacation package. I would love to take my family there.

Beaches, Negril in Jamaica #2:

the favorite holiday is to take your family and I visited Beaches, Negril in Jamaica. you have to stay at the resort and it was so perfect because it was all-inclusive.

There was not only the beach but a pool with a swim-up bar and many places to lounge around it. The restaurants were all very good, especially one that was a Japanese barbecue.

It was a family resort so there were many things for people of all ages to do. They had a game room for children, the beach and nightclubs for the teens, and the fine restaurants for the adults.

Caribbean Vacation Ideas #3:

Reefs Hotel and Resort in Bermuda – I remember when I was about 8 years old when I went to Bermuda with my family. I remember we went there during hurricane season, but fortunately we didn’t run into any problems until we left the island.

We stayed at the beautiful Reefs Hotel and Resort, which had lots of beaches and places to eat. I loved it because I had never seen blue water before and you could see dolphins and things from the ocean beaches. It was so cool.

On our first day, we went into town and ate at this little seafood restaurant in Hamilton. Too bad I was too young to pay attention to the name. On the second day, I hung out on the beach all day. My mom was too far pregnant to get in the water but I stayed in it and afterward had the sunburn to prove it.

The resort had a restaurant we went to just about every day because my stepdad constantly wanted to eat at the hotel or room service which was a drag. Overall my stay at the hotel and at the resort was great. I cannot wait to one day go back to myself and stay with my fiancé!

– Arthur from North Carolina

The staff were all very friendly and actually learned your name. The weather in Jamaica is perfect for a vacation, just remember to bring your sunscreen.

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