Vacuum or Perforated Frame?


With the beginning of summer and the announcement of the Meteorological Authority about the rise in temperatures, and many consecutive vacations, a lot of people begin to plan to travel to the beaches or even go to family gatherings and travel to different provinces, and in this article, we will give you the most important tips before traveling by car to spend a pleasant trip free of breakdowns and unexpected problems.

Can I drive on A Flat Tire?

Everything you need to know about the frame hole.

With the continuous development of tire technology, holes and explosions have become rare. However, when this happens it’s best to know what to do. Thus, how to deal with the hole in the frame? Can you drive with a vacuum tire? Or how to fix a perforated frame? Here’s everything you need to know about a vacuum or perforated frame.

How do you know if the car tire is punctured?

After the car tire is punctured, it may not immediately become empty. Here are some signs you can notice while driving that indicates a hole in your car’s tire.

The handlebar becomes stiff and hard.
While driving a car you may feel unwanted vibrations and instability.
The car pulls right or left depending on the side where the perforated frame is located.
the unusual squeaking of the frame.

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