Bangkok Capital of Thailand

In this article we’re gonna talk about Bangkok it is one of Asia’s most cosmopolitan cities with magnificent temples and palaces hot weather all year round and a vibrant nightlife that has something for everyone when you arrive in Bangkok you’ll be immediately confronted by the heat the pollution the flamboyant culture and the irresistible smiles that accompany many times

The Capital

The Capital Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital and the most populous city of Thailand with the population of 8.3 million the city is located in the Chao praya Delta and central Thailand

Bangkok has been named the world’s most visited city in 2016 according to several rankings it’s a cosmopolitan city that is home to half a million expatriates from Asian countries eighty-eight thousand from Europe and thirty-two thousand from the Americas like most of Thailand Bangkok has a tropical savanna climate November till February is probably the best time to visit because it’s the coolest and driest period and the wet season runs from May till October an extreme rainfall happens in September and October so that is obviously the worst time to visit

there are many ways to get around the city meter taxes are quick and comfortable wait to get from point A to point B but be warned that Bank of taxi drivers on it aureus for finding waste to run up the fare for foreigners insist that the meter is used an alternative to using a conventional taxi would be applications like grab which is a popular ride hell an app in Asia these applications make taxi rides more straightforward less prone to scams and often a bit cheaper

what would Bangkok be without tuk-tuk most of the time this three-wheeled vehicles are not worth the price because if the traffic is bad you’re still gonna be stuck in it but it can be an enjoyable ride for people who come to Thailand for the first time

better agree on the price beforehand o you may end up Ain four or five times more than what you normally would when traffic slows down to a crawl and there are no mass transit alternatives for your destination.

The fastest mode of transportation is a motorbike taxi just remember that motorcycle accident are brutally common here so if you want clean cheap and well organized public transportation then the BTS sky train and MRT subway is the way to go they will take you to most places in central Bangkok for a few dollars including the major airport BTS sky train has to elevated lines that run through the newer parts of the city connected many popular attractions restaurants shopping areas nightlife spots and accommodations

The BTS soars across the congested streets below helping you beat the traffic and most importantly it’s air-conditioned the MRT is Bangkok’s subway system that serves more than four hundred and twenty thousand passengers each day

although much diminished from its past prominence water based transport still plays an important role in Bangkok and the immediate upstream and downstream provinces several water process serve commuters daily Bangkok is a very popular tourist destination a ride on the Chao Phraya River should be high on any tourist agenda the cheapest and the most popular option is the child pray Express boat flying up and down the river with stops at most of retinoic osan’s Bangkok alt city’s major attractions

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