5 Best Tourist Places To Visit in Chicago

5 Best Tourist Places To Visit in Chicago

Lincoln Zoo

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Lincoln Zoo is one of the most important tourist places in Chicago, as it is a green space located in the center of the city and attracts many visitors. The park includes many different animals such as lions, gorillas and others, as it contains tropical forests and large grassy areas

There are many goals that push you to experience tourism in Chicago, as it is home to many tourist places, for example, but not limited to the charming Chicago parks, and because we mentioned the gardens, the Chicago Zoo should be included as one of the most famous as it attracts a large number of visitors throughout the year since its opening in 1868.

This flat park on an area of about 140,000 m2 is the right place for animal and nature lovers alike, and it is one of the best tourist places in Chicago for families

This park is also an ideal choice for those looking for tourist places in Chicago for children, as all visitors, especially young ones, can enjoy watching animals live in an environment similar to their natural environment, in addition to that it offers many activities that we will explain to you through this article.

Things to do in Chicago Zoo

• You want to see all the animals and get to know all over the park, so it will be great to start your day in this park with a quick tour through which you get to know all the places and also enjoy the views of the green spaces and trees in the park.

• You will surely be tempted to see a group of wild animals that may be majestic to approach for some, while others may find it worthwhile and at the Chicago Zoo you can see wild animals such as giraffe, zebra, gazelle, rhinoceros, kangaroo, bear and hippopotamus.

• One of the sections of the park that cannot be missed is the predators section, where you will enjoy watching a group of these animals such as the lion, tiger, wolf as well as crocodile.

• You will never feel bored when you see the birds that the Chicago Zoo shelters, they are beautiful creatures that everyone enjoys watching and contemplating their movements, such as the mandarin duck, the scarlet sickle, the hammerhead bird, the ostrich, in addition to the taken shark.

• Among the types of birds that are a valuable opportunity to see is the birds of prey, as they are creatures that are difficult to find anywhere, and this park includes the bald eagle and the eagle of Senerios, in addition to the snowy owl.

• A visit to this park ensures that you will explore many types of animals, so you can now move to see the seals that are known to be gentle marine mammals.

• What’s really different about this park is that it has a farm where you can bet that your little ones will have fun and have a good time walking around and seeing a range of pets such as pony, ducks, donkeys, as well as goats.

• We have mentioned most of the species of animals that live in the park, and there are still a number of rare animals that are housed in the park, and you can see them such as the pygmy hippopotamus, the earthpoise and the harbor seal.

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