5 Best Tourist Places To Visit in Chicago

5 Best Tourist Places To Visit in Chicago

Constructed Aquarium

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The aquarium is built as one of the largest fish ponds in the world and is one of the most important tourist places in Chicago, the aquarium includes many types of fish of various varieties and colors, including dolphins, whales, and sharks. A basin that was also built contains many birds and mammals

The attention of the majority of people in recent times is directed towards tourism in Chicago, as it is considered one of the sweetest experiences that one may live and one of the most prominent entertainment places in Chicago that is worth knowing, the Chicago Aquarium was built, it is a huge aquarium and through it you will learn about different marine creatures.

This aquarium has an important place for tourists since its opening in 1930 thanks to the various features that are unique to it, such as its multiple aquatic organisms, as well as the activities and events it provides that everyone is happy with, especially families, and thus it is classified among the best entertainment places in Chicago for families, and this report will include all the features and activities of this place in detail.

The Best Activities in Chicago Aquarium

• As soon as you start your visit by wandering among the glass ponds, you will notice the fun of the little ones as they observe the different types of marine animals, this aquarium is one of the best tourist places in Chicago for children, and everyone will enjoy exploring fish from multiple seas and oceans such as fish from the Atlantic Ocean, fish from the Mediterranean Sea, fish from the Pacific Ocean, fish from the temperate zone, in addition to aquatic life from the Black Sea.

• The different species of sharks found in the Aquarium are among the most attractive marine animals for visitors, as you will be surprised that you are getting closer to exploring them and observing their movements.

• You will feel that your trip in this aquarium has introduced you to rare marine animals, when you see sea turtles, they are endangered creatures and it is impossible to miss seeing them up close.

• The Aquarium and its amazing biodiversity expand to include funny aquatic organisms that are not easy to find anywhere, which are aquatic mammals, and one of their varieties found in the Chicago Aquarium you can watch whales.

• The aquarium is designed to include a special part for penguins, which are cute waterfowl, and you will feel another kind of pleasure the moment you see them.

• The marine life in the Aquarium is perfectly manifested, there are glass aquariums that include many plants and marine life inside, and you will enjoy seeing different marine plants, colorful corals, in addition to multiple shapes and unique aquatic organisms such as seashells, starfish, in addition to crabs.

• Among the aspects of marine life that you will learn about at the Chicago Aquarium, be prepared for the encounter that awaits you with a group of rare marine creatures, namely jellyfish, sea horse, in addition to eel.

• Do not think that watching the aquatic creatures that we mentioned earlier means that you have learned about the entire aquarium with all its neighborhoods, there are creatures that you have not yet seen and deserve enough time from you to contemplate them, such as spotted torso fish, Chinese crab, beluga whales, stingy fish in addition to clownfish.

• Now it is time to see the most intelligent marine animals, which are dolphins, where you will enjoy watching the fun shows donated by these dolphins and you will have an unrepeatable opportunity to swim with them, and other shows are performed by marine life that is no less important than dolphins, which are seals in addition to sea dogs.

• One of the exceptional sections of the Chicago Aquarium is the Amazon Jungle section, where you will be offered a unique opportunity to learn about a unique marine and geographical environment and enjoy that rainy weather as if you were in the truly rainy Amazon jungle.

• You will also see amphibious animals that can live on land and water at the same time, and there is a section prepared for them in the Aquarium, so do not forget to visit this section as you will learn about some crocodiles and poisonous frogs.

• We also invite you to explore the Maritime Museum available within the aquarium where you will spend a fun time exploring more information about exotic marine life and seeing some ancient marine monuments and wooden ships.

• You will also be surrounded by some information related to the world of fish when you tour the Chicago Aquarium, where you will be able to see the method used by specialists when feeding fish and you will be happy to see it.

• You may want to attend an interactive movie in a 4D theater equipped with interactive seating and using advanced sound and display technology, there are also shows for children that they can watch such as SpongeBob.

• How can such a tour of the aquarium go without being immortalized with a set of souvenir photos? Moving you through the sections of the place and between the various aquariums will force you to do so, and you will not hesitate to take advantage of the professional photography service that the place offers.

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