Guangzhou the Chinese Metropolis


In this text, we are going to speak approximately the Chinese metropolis of Guangzhou which is also known as Canton as the capital and the most populous city in the province of Guangdong

In southern China how did I get right here I took a fast train from Hong Kong and an hour later I was in Guangzhou.

The contrast between the two places was obvious I had no local cash and they did not accept Visa or MasterCard so my first challenge was to find an exchange place locals use WeChat payment systems and Union pay which hat is a messenger and you can install it on your phone of course but unless you have a Chinese bank account you won’t be able to use it for payments to make matters have been more complicated most people did not speak English even at the train terminal

Guangzhou has a history of over2000, and 200 years and that has been a springboard for exchange in cultural exchanges many revolutions, and reforms it’s located on the Pearl River about 120 kilometers northwest of Hong Kong and 145 kilometers north of Macau it’s at the heart of one of the largest urban agglomerations on planet earth

The Pearl River


50 million people in 2018 the population of the city was fourteen point nine million Guangzhou is best known for its annual count on fare the oldest and largest trade fair in China it’s held every year

In April and October Guangzhou is the main manufacturing hub of the Pearl River Delta in 2017 the GDP reached 318 billion dollars this is similar to that of Miami Singapore and Toronto you know if you want to import something from China this is probably the place to start.

I visited a couple of those wholesale malls and I was impressed sure you can get low-quality cheap stuff that’s what most of us think about when we see made in China sign but they also have a good choice of nice unique goods like these lamps but prices wouldn’t be so low in this case look at all these toys all of them will end up in your countries eventually but you can get them here for a fraction of the price.

Guangzhou is considered one of the most prosperous cities in China

At the same time oh into rapid industrialization it’s considered to be one of the most polluted towns in which a few imperative elements

you see a lot of skyscrapers and a beautiful River it’s actually pretty peaceful it’s not like he otic like people who riding around there’s a lot of people riding bikes which is good but like they say there’s one of those high scrapers in the distance you can hardly see because of the smog well it’s one of the most industrial city

cities on earth so no surprise but the city goes to great lengths to make it greener you see lots and lots of bicycles and electric scooters everywhere in 2006 Guangzhou had the largest number of LPG fueled vehicles in the world also that same year the municipal government banned motorcycles it’s one of the most livable cities in China and it has a great climate a humid subtropical climate influenced by the East Asian monsoon

summers are wet with high temperatures and high humidity and winters are mild and comparatively dry so I had no expectations and no idea what Guangzhou would look like maybe it’s just a central part but it looks really beautiful and livable I mean beautiful parks not too many cars not at all a lot of people are riding bikes we’ll get to see more and we’ll get a more comprehensive idea of what Guangzhou is really like.

central park
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