healthy dog treats

healthy dog treats Why do dogs lick their paws or eat grass? Why do dogs get itchy skin? Why do dogs get mushy poops and achy joints? Most importantly, why do so many dogs die before their time? There are a lot of reasons, but in my experience, almost every aspect of a dog’s Health can be influenced by two things: adding the right foods to their diet and avoiding the wrong ones.

know that the thing I’m most passionate about is dogs, and this article is my complete guide to Canine superfoods that can help virtually any dog improve their Mobility, their odors, their poops, their skin, their breath, their dental Health, and look and feel years younger you can do all of this at home in your kitchen.

Still, how come you spend so much time learning about Dog Health? Well, it starts right here where I live with my family, and this is my dog, who isn’t just my best friend. He is literally a part of my family, I started doing research. Since then, I’ve helped dogs to find their safety in loving homes.

They arrive every day. We take them in getting them the best veterinary care obedience training and ultimately place them in happy homes. Still, after working with so many dogs for so many years, we’re seeing more health issues these days than ever before for some breeds like golden retrievers. They’ve seen their lifespan cut from up to 17 years in the 1970s to as low as 10 years. Today, lifespans have been cut almost in half, which happened after Consulting with some of the world’s top veterinarians and Animal Health experts.

I feel we can look at one thing: Avoid Bad Ingredients, particularly food,

so this is my tip number one to help your dog get healthy. Avoid harmful ingredients in dog food.

Even a lot of so-called premium foods contain disgusting stuff. One thing I avoid is anything called meat byproducts. If you see this on an ingredient list, I advise you to put it right back on the Shelf. This is code for carcass remnants, so chicken meat byproducts could contain beak feathers, not things any dog wants to eat. Another problem is the way some companies cook dog food, kibble, and canned foods, which are often cooked at really high temperatures, and when that happens, you get these things called advanced glycation end products or ages that can be terrible for Health.

These nasty little guys can cause inflammation which can lead to flatulence discomfort in their joints, especially in older dogs, allergies, mushy poop that’s hard to pick up, itching, and PAW chewing, but worst of all, ages is a carcinogen, and the crazy thing is these dog food companies don’t even have to list ages on the label because it’s not technically an ingredient age can form from high heat cooking and as their owners it falls on us to protect them from possible toxins getting into their body but what’s incredible is that in my opinion, this next thing is even more critical okay.

Add the Right Superfoods (healthy dog treats)

this is my tip number two: add the right superfoods to their diet canine superfoods are particular foods you can add to a dog’s diet to support a whole range of health benefits everything from having a calmer mood better digestion, improved oral Health better Mobility for older dogs, a healthier weight and just an overall healthier body

this is my actual kitchen for almost any ailment you can think of I have natural foods and herbs and tinctures I use to feel better, trust me these work for my family, and I swear by them now, does that mean I don’t believe in modern medicine, no, of course, I do, but if I have the choice between using a natural remedy or a chemical.

I always start by putting something role in my body and helping my body do what it was made to do. Now a few years ago, I began asking myself if these Herbal Remedies and superfoods can help humans look and feel fantastic. Could they also work for my dog’s long story short, the answer is yes, Studies have shown there are several specific canine superfoods we can add to a dog’s diet to produce really important

Health benefits first, there’s flaxseed.

Flaxseed, you’ve probably heard of how good omega-3 fatty acids are for your Health and flaxseed is loaded with omegas. These omegas can help support your dog’s achy joints so they can run around more easily. It helps provide a shiny coat and supports skin Health, which is excellent for dogs who have occasional itchiness.

It also supports healthy blood pressure, heart health and kidney function, so this is great for helping your dog live a long healthy life, and they’ve got tons of fiber, so if you’re big on gut health this can help your dog’s digestion too you want to grind flax seeds up into a powder and add to your dog’s food, but always use them right away or refrigerate them.

Ground flax seeds can go rancid if you leave them out too long my next favorite superfood is something you might have in your spice cabinet turmeric turmeric is one of the oldest natural remedies in the world, people please take it to help fight body aches and achy joints all kinds of issues and guess what it works the same way for your dog turmeric contains curcumin, a powerful polyphenol, which studies show can increase the overall Health of dogs specifically, curcumin helps your dog naturally, flush out the harmful free radicals associated with aging polyphenols have also been associated with a bunch of great health benefits including heart health, strong bones and even a healthy weight.

The best part is my dogs love the taste of turmeric just please make sure not to use too much, and let me tell you about another one of my Lions Mane favorite superfood mushrooms, there’s a bunch of mushrooms that have amazing health benefits, but for me, the most powerful mushroom superfood is a lion’s mane, that’s because a lion’s mane doesn’t just support a healthy body.

It supports the brain’s cognitive function is so important for dogs when they’re young it helps them learn and make them easier to train for middle-aged dogs’ brain health is essential for maintaining a happy mood and not getting stressed and just like humans, older dogs face numerous cognitive problems as they age, that’s where lion’s mane comes in, studies show it can actually help naturally support brain function, nerve cells, memory, and even mood, but maybe the best thing about Lion’s mane is it’s a legendary immune booster immunity is a considerable health benefit, especially for older dogs who are more prone to getting sick,

in fact when I started giving all these superfoods to my dogs, I could see improvements in their Mobility, their mood their coat and their poops within just the first few weeks, and the more I researched more superfoods, I found that doesn’t just help dogs look, play, and I feel better they’re actually shown in studies to support organ health and brain health, meaning these foods are part of the key to a long, healthy, happy life,

there’s just one problem: prepping them all is so oh much work you spend hours and hours buying and chopping Foods then freezing them, then Powers more thawing them out it’s just a pain and I know this because I have done it and when I tried this, I’d say about three-quarters of my freezer space was dedicated just to my dogs, the other problem is even if you love healthy cooking like I do canine nutrition is It is just not the same as human nutrition.

You literally need a computer program to make sure your meals contain every vitamin and nutrients your dog needs, even if you use 95 unique ingredients if you forget just one thing: broccoli for instance, your dog might not be getting enough vitamin K, which is suitable for strong bones, so yeah, it’s not something you want to eyeball and hope you get right, so for years, I was really stuck.

I wanted to feed my dogs healthy food that’s not cooked with high heat and that contains several powerful superfoods, but I didn’t have the time to make it myself, and there just weren’t any Brands I trusted, so I decided to do something about it I reached out to every contact I had trying to find a group of people who shared my passion for dogs and wanted to come up with a recipe that wasn’t just food but actually, I Incorporated everything I believed in holistic natural nutrition, eventually, I found a team of really dedicated people with backgrounds in pet nutrition, people who own dogs themselves and have the same healthy

The vision I did together we created A Blog and been inspired by all the fantastic furry friends we’ve had here over the years as well as the spirit of a healthy Ranch living where we grow our Foods Harvest them and prepare them in the healthiest ways possible.

Our mission was create the best, healthiest dog the food we could without the hassle of cooking and prepping, we worked on recipes for months and months, a lot of our raw recipes were great, but we had trouble finding ways to use the whole natural ingredients while still maintaining the convenience of kibble then, we had a breakthrough.

We started trying a new way of making dog food using something you may have heard of recently air drying that’s because air dryers cook food low and slow with very little heat, remember those nasty Advanced glycation end products that can be created by high-heat cooking, even more impressive air-dried food comes out tasting really yummy, and it’s dry-like kibble so you can store it on the Shelf for a year, and it won’t go wrong, and yet it maintains all the health benefits of those great whole ingredients.

It’s the Best of Both Worlds healthy like whole fresh food is easy; like kibble well working with our team of experts, we came up with an ultimate superfood recipe, a staggering a different protein superfoods adaptogens prebiotics vitamins, nutrients, and other powerful foods that can help any dog get healthy and happy.

Next, we mixed them up and shaped them into bite-sized morsels and pop them in An air dryer, they came out perfect clean to the touch, no foul odors and, of course, packed with all their health benefits because we hadn’t used high heat that breaks down all the good stuff, there was just one thing left to do give it to my dog.

Let me tell you over the years, I’ve had so many dogs and I tried more dog foods than I can count but I have never seen my dog wolf down a food like this and just devoured it, one person told me she’s like a brand-new dog well, I discussed it with my family, and we came up with an idea of a way to help dogs all across the world, get healthy, and help out the thousands of dogs who need rescuing at the same time

superfood complete is the perfect food for any dog you want to look, feel, and act healthier than they have in years, and it contains not just five or six or seven, but whopping more different canine-specific ingredients chosen to combat all kinds of Health issues for your dog, and no more chopping prepping freezing or thawing, pour some superfoods complete to your dog’s bowl and wait for them to come running it requires no Refrigeration. It’s clean to the touch and can sit on your Shelf for a year.

Best of all by supporting us by sharing this blog post you’re helping save dogs from abuse and neglect to get them veterinary care, and finding them loving homes. Thank you so much for being such a fantastic Guardian for your dog and for all dogs you’ve got a big heart, and your furry friend knows how much you love them, they know their entire Health depends on you, and they appreciate it, and so do I to your dog’s health