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How do I Organize the Daily Food?


Have a big breakfast

Eating breakfast is one of the first and most important steps to regulate food and eating on a daily basis because it is of the utmost importance, as taking care to take a large breakfast helps to provide a large amount of energy for the body to maintain vitality and activity for the rest of the day and helps to stimulate metabolism in the body, in addition to contributing to the start of the order of eating the rest of the day, as it helps to feel full, and therefore the person has to commit to the rest of the meals in terms of Timing and quantity of the daily Food.

Organizing daily mealtime

the daily food
Meal time

Some studies suggest that mealtime may have an impact on weight. Skipping breakfast is associated with obesity and weight gain.

In others, it has been noted that delaying lunchtime prevents weight loss in some people, while late dinner is also noted to be associated with reduced glucose tolerance in the body, as mentioned in a reference to a series of studies published in nutrients in 2019, but it should be noted here that these studies are in place.

On observation, it depends on the memory of the people involved in the study, so the evaluation of their results may not be accurate, and further studies are still needed to prove this.

Regulating meal content

There are many tips to take care of the content of meals to make sure they contain healthy food, including:



It is preferable to eat foods that contain high protein and iron, in addition to the need to pay attention because they contain fiber, minerals, vitamins, and can add juice containing vitamin C, fruit fruit, or low-fat yogurt.



Lunch is best contained in sources of low saturated fat proteins, such as turkey, tuna, or plant sources such as beans, and eating fiber-rich foods, such as whole bread and vegetables.



You can focus on nuts, fruits can be taken with fat-free milk or a few biscuits mixed with cereals.



Protein should also be introduced to dinner, but provided it is free of saturated fats such as fish, brown rice, various salads, cooked vegetables and a little fruit can be eaten.

Daily Diet

June 18, 2022