How does technology pollute the environment?

Environmental technology

Environmental technology is also known as “green” or “clean” technology and refers to the development of new technologies aimed at maintaining, monitoring or reducing the negative impact of technology on the environment and resource consumption.

For example, vertical agriculture is a simple environmental technique like its name. This is the concept of cultivating products in stacked vertical layers instead of horizontally. The benefits of vertical agriculture are increased sustainability, and some vertical farming configurations do not even require soil and significantly reduce water use.

Green technologies range from accessible devices such as programmable heat organizations and LED lamps to expensive wind turbines and solar panels to electronic vehicles. Free solutions such as compost are great places to start. However, there are a lot of considerations to consider, such as how to store renewable energy. Combating climate change requires total disruption in society, including the continued adoption of green technologies.

Technology can therefore have a positive impact on the environment by developing environmental technologies such as renewable energies, “smart technologies” and carbon dioxide removal. Technology will always be a double-edged sword, but the creative use of new economic approaches to environmental management must help mitigate its destructive side and improve its ability to do good.

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