The Best Way to Travel With Your Kids

Parents usually feel nervous when hearing the word travel, traveling with children, especially if they have a baby among them, is difficult and represents special suffering for each mother, so many mothers prefer to postpone the idea of traveling until the children grow up and become able to rely on themselves.

But this method deprives the child of many experiences and behaviors that can be learned by traveling and also deprives the mother of good coping skills in difficult circumstances so that she becomes faster to collapse when exposed to the slightest pressure.

There are a lot of tips that help mothers to travel on a pleasant trip with their children, but the most important advice that a mother can listen to acceptance, the mother must accept that children always make mistakes whether they are traveling or not, children feel exhausted just like adults as a result of travel, we must understand that fact too and accept it, many people believe that children are a moving mass of energy that is not affected by anything which affects the way we deal with them.

What do I carry in my suitcase?

In the beginning, before we talk about the contents of the basic bag, the mother should start writing down all the details related to travel and its requirements so that she can review them and make sure they are there before traveling, which reduces the tension caused by forgetting some things, and it is necessary for the mother to show those based on the father and of course, it is better for both of them to co-write them, the ideas of two people are better than the ideas of one person.

It’s also a good idea to talk to children by age about where they travel, what to expect from that trip, what they can do in that place and how to have fun there if there’s an opportunity to choose between more than one place it’s best for children to be involved in decision-making.

Travel Timing

Many parents prefer to travel at night when the road is quiet and children can sleep during the road, but we never recommend traveling at this time, sleeping on transportation is not comfortable at all, which can cause children to suffer insomnia and the mother to suffer to carry out their requests in the dark, and even if children can sleep all the way they will arrive at the place in a relative state of activity while parents need to rest, so it is better to choose when to travel at the beginning of the day Or its center as much as possible.

Clothing Bag

Packing Luggage

It is better for the mother to separate the children’s bag from the basic travel bag so that she can easily take out the children’s clothes in case she has to change their clothes in the middle of the road, and it is better to choose cotton clothes and easy to wear so that the child does not feel upset if the child is able to choose he will feel happy when he participates in the selection of the pieces of clothing that he will wear, which develops a sense of responsibility and participation in decision-making.

It is good to bring small size towels because it is easy to use on the way and easy to clean and dry on arrival, it is also easy for the child to use them himself, and of course we should not forget about paper napkins and wet wipes to keep the child constantly clean without having to stop in the middle of the road.

Fast food

The mother needs to prepare some fast foods that of course do not spoil outside the refrigerator such as juices, cakes and some light sandwiches and do not forget about water, the amount of food depends on the length of the road and the number of children, but of course, it is better to have the amount greater so as not to expose ourselves to the anger of children, to leave this anger to something else that we can not control.

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