Organizing the World Cup 2022 is an opportunity to visit and discover the State of Qatar

Best Resorts in Qatar

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Qatar has a group of international resorts that support tourism and offer the best places of recreation to its guests close to the sea, and we have dedicated this article to talking about Qatar’s recommended and tried resorts by visitors.

Banana Island Resort

One of the best resorts in Qatar with a private pool Banana Island Resort in Qatar is located on Banana Island, less than 20 minutes by ferry from the city of Doha

The resort has received an excellent review overall and was considered by many guests to be the best resort in Qatar.

Some had a note on the high prices of restaurants at the resort.

Qatar East Resort

One of the best resorts in Qatar characterized by its original Arabic design and offers all means of luxury and recreation and overlooks the Gulf in the city of Doha

Qatar Al Sharq Resort has a very good rating in terms of location, cleanliness, and services.

Some mentioned that the furniture is old.

Sheraton Doha Resort

One of the best resorts in Doha Qatar, Sheraton Qatar Hotel is located in the center of Doha, 2 km from City Center Shopping Mall

The hotel has an excellent rating in terms of cleanliness, breakfast, services as well as the location

What are the best resorts in Qatar?

East Qatar Resort, Sealine Beach Resort Qatar is considered one of the best resorts in Qatar and the most popular among Arab tourists.

What are the best resorts in Qatar for families?

Sealine Beach Resort Qatar and Simaisma Resort Qatar have received excellent reviews from families for providing children’s television networks, indoor and outdoor play areas, babysitting services, suitable meals and buffets, children’s pools, and family rooms and suites.

What are the best resorts in Qatar with sea views?

Banana Island Resort, Sheraton Doha Resort, and Sealine Beach Resort Qatar feature beautiful sea views.

What is the average cost of a stay at a resort in Qatar per night?

The cost of accommodation ranges from USD 200 to USD 300 and varies depending on the period of year, and benefits, among other factors.

What is the best resort in Qatar that is located near Hamad International Airport?

Qatar East Resort and Banana Island Resort are among the best resorts closest to Hamad International Airport, no more than 6 km away.

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