The Best Healthy Diet, How to Maintain Weight Loss After a Diet

The Best Healthy Diet, How to Maintain Weight Loss

Weight Loss

There are many ways that can be followed in order to lose weight, but their success depends heavily on the individual’s insistence on following the diet program that he decides to follow, not rushing the results he seeks to reach, and the methods of weight loss are many and cannot be limited to one or two, but we have chosen for you two methods that can be followed and expect the best results in this area.

Best Healthy Diet

Regulating meal times Dieters should stay away from high-calorie meals, as is the case with spaghetti and white rice as well, these meals are often the reason why you suffer from the rumen, as the harm of simple carbohydrates is that they are fast-digesting, and therefore give the individual a faster feeling of hunger, and the desire to eat more, and often resort to a fatty meal in order to feel full, which results in a lot of health problems, As for the alternative, it is represented by whole grains such as brown bread and vegetables that contain complex carbohydrates, characterized by being digested slowly; and therefore the individual feels less hungry,

Thus, the individual feels less hungry, apart from the fact that vegetables contain a high content of water, which helps to lose excess water in the body.

As for meal times, the system of eating three main meals a day can be replaced by the system of eating small meals and snacks every two or three hours, as these small meals stabilize blood sugar, which reduces the rush and eagerness of the individual to eat fatty meals.

Drinking large amounts of water

Most, if not all, of the diets that are recommended to be followed for weight loss, agree on the need to drink large amounts of water, as we note that a large percentage of people nowadays, especially young people, have come to replace drinking water when thirsty with energy drinks and various artificial juices, which in fact contain a good number of calories that undoubtedly affect weight gain, so it is necessary to stay away from them as much as possible for those who He wanted to reduce his weight, and not to limit his drinking of water when he feels thirsty, because of its great benefits in terms of weight loss, as well as enjoying better body health.

The idea of promoting following the water diet program has increased, because of the lack of calories in it, and water rids the body of fat; it works to increase the burning in the body, and you can add the flavor of lemon or some mint leaves to the water, and take advantage of their benefits together, especially since lemon helps to burn fat as well.

How to maintain weight after dieting?

Weight and diet

Dieting is defined as the studied diet followed to maintain the ideal weight, either by losing or increasing it, but people who follow diets suffer from some problems such as: stability of weight during the diet, routine that causes them boredom and unwillingness to continue, as well as weight gain once they finish following the diet in a short time, which causes them psychological problems that make them unable to follow any diets again, so we will introduce you in this article A set of tips to maintain weight after dieting.

How to maintain weight after dieting

Avoid eating white sugar, and rely on dietary sugar, fruits and starches to get natural sugar from them, as sugar is the first enemy to maintain weight.

Limit and adjust the number of daily diets, i.e. five snacks per day at specific times.

Diversity in food intake, which is important in activating the digestive system and blood circulation, thus burning all the calories stored in the body.

Regular exercise to burn calories in the body, because sport is important in giving the body muscle strength and bone strength along with its benefits in ridding the body of fat accumulated in it.

Keep eating low calories, such as eating vegetables with low-calorie sauce.

Follow up the weight periodically to control it.

Consult a dietitian to develop a healthy diet to maintain an ideal weight, and prevent its increase or decrease.

Avoid soft drinks that contain a large number of calories, and eat low-calorie drinks such as natural unsweetened juices.

Sleep for sufficient periods of at least eight hours a day, because sleep improves the body’s mechanism of action and metabolism, thus burning calories in it.

Drink drinks that help burn body fat such as green tea and ginger.

Keep drinking enough water daily, because water gives the body a feeling of fullness and satiety, thus reducing the sensation of hunger, which leads to a reduction in the amount of food intake.

Eat milk and its derivatives such as cheese and labneh, as these foods help burn extra calories in the body.

Eat raw foods instead of cooked or fried in oil, fat, and ghee.

Eat foods that contain proteins such as fish and meat, because they give the body energy and vitality, and reduce the desire to eat more during the day. Apply sugar-free chewing gum, it gives a feeling of satiety.

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