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The BEST ISLANDS In Thailand

If you’re coming to Thailand and you’re looking for travel inspiration today I’ll be telling you what I think are the top 10 islands to visit on your next trip to Thailand.

I’m telling you all of the best of Thailand the best temples the best foods the best beaches the best islands in this article and then at the end the best provinces to visit so grab your flip-flops and your sunscreen and let’s go visit the top 10 islands in Thailand.

Koh Lipe in the province of Satun

Koh Lipe island

Is very southern Thailand almost in Malaysia in fact and this island is famous for two things mold leaves crystal clear style beach waters incredible white sands and some really good snorkeling and scuba diving it’s quite small and there’s not a whole lot to do other than relax go scuba diving go on a fishing trip maybe and just enjoy the paradise crystal clear waters go for a kayak at sunset just enjoy the paradise beautiful vibes some people call this the Maldives of Thailand to me there’s actually more beautiful islands which we’ll get onto in this list but colipe is gorgeous if you’re in the deep south of Thailand if you’re looking to get away from the masses then check out koh lipe

KOH MOOK in the province of TRANG

KOH MOOK island

Now this island is a very local island you will discover that it’s got an incredible spear-headed beach so beach to the east and the beach to the west and it meets at this point and it’s quite stunning especially at sunrise and at sunset obviously but by far on the way, the most amazing thing about coal milk is the fact that there are wild dugons living in that area and for a small fee you can rent a long tail and go out on the ocean and do gone spotting you’ll see lots of turtles and if you’re lucky like me lots of do-gones as they feed and breed in the komuk ko libon area of this province beautiful viewpoints amazing wildlife and some of the best beaches in Thailand what can you say more about KOH MOOK

KOH PHI PHI in the province of KRABI

KOH PHI PHI island

This place speaks for itself it is draw droppingly beautiful there is a lot to see and do it’s very commercialized nowadays in fact when you get off the ferry you’ll see mcdonald’s you’ll see burger kings and that kind of thing but don’t be put off because the sunsets are some of the most colorful the people and the locals there are some of the most friendly it’s also home to the famous maya bay where they filmed the beach and they’ve done a great job restoring and reopening that recently and we’ve discovered that on this channel you have to if you’re coming to Thailand visit KOH PHI PHI it’s the most beautiful one of the most fun and vibrant islands in the entire country hands down

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