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The most beautiful Arab country


trip advisor has issued the annual list of the best tourist destinations in the world for 2015, and the Maghreb, the only Arab country on this list, is one of the best-frequented sites for tourists online, providing comprehensive information on all tourism in the world, including tips on the best tourist destinations, hotels, aviation, and other travel and travel information, and considers Morocco one of the most beautiful tourist destinations, hotels, aviation and other information related to travel and travel. Because it contains many cultures that merge with each other, There is Arab culture, French culture, and African culture, and there are many mosques designed in the ancient Islamic style in Morocco.


is located in the far northwest of Africa, bordered to the north by the Mediterranean Sea, overlooked by Mauritania to the south, to the east by Algeria, and to the west by the Atlantic Ocean, with an area of about 410,000 square kilometers and a population of 35,731,000 people, mostly Arabs and Amazighs. Morocco contains many natural resources, including phosphates, as well as fish and agricultural land, and its most important products include vegetables, fruits, olives, and cereals, as well as the availability of renewable solar and air energy.

Tourism in Morocco is characterized by a fragrant mix of heritage with the contemporary present, with many old neighborhoods located in large cities, characterized by their markets, restaurants, and cafés, and Moroccans as welcome and kind, as they do not shy away from offering Moroccan tagine dishes to visitors. [3] Morocco is also the gateway to Africa and the East towards Europe, North America, and South America, where Morocco stretches along the Atlantic coast and the Mediterranean sea to have a geography that distinguishes it from other countries and makes it one of the most beautiful tourist areas in the world.

Morocco’s most important tourist destinations in Morocco are several tourist destinations, including:


is the capital of Morocco and its second-largest city. Rabat was founded in the mid-12th century by the Almohads, transforming it into a cultural and cultural center. Located on a large Atlantic coast plain with a population of 1.5 million, this city has many tourist attractions, including:

Abu Al-Raqrak River:

A river that passes through the middle of the city.

Bab al-Rawah and Bab al-Odaya:

the two doors are located in the western area of the wall and are characterized in architecture, decorations, and inscriptions in Kufic script.

Museum of Udaia:

This museum contains many pieces of art such as ornaments, jewelry, ceramics, embroideries, and traditional clothing.

Museum of Folk Art:

Where you can go there and watch artisans work.

Museum of Ancient Antiquities:

Located in the modern city, this museum contains many pieces found since the Islamic era, as well as since prehistoric times.

Mohammed V Theatre:

Morocco’s largest theatre.


Morocco’s largest city, also known as Casablanca, with a population of eight million, is characterized by a mild climate, with an annual temperature of approximately 18°C, and humidity and wind are affected by nearby water bodies, helping to moderate the atmosphere in winter and cool the atmosphere in summer, one of the most beautiful cities overlooking the Moroccan coast, and the economic capital of Morocco, where it contains the most important port on the continent of Africa, and its airport is the largest in the country and is located in the house of the most beautiful cities overlooking the Moroccan coast, and the economic capital of Morocco, where it contains the most important port on the continent of Africa, and its airport is the largest in the country. White has many beautiful tourist places, including:

Mohammed V Square:

This Andalusian-themed square has a large fountain around which many people gather in the evening.

Hassan II Mosque:

This mosque is located in the third-largest mosque in the world.

Art Deco District:

Located in the eastern part of the Old City, this neighborhood features both the Arab League Park and the administrative area.

The new marina port:

a port with a modern touch, unlike the old port.

Corniche Street:

A four-sided street, visitors are given a unique roaming experience, frequented by many people, especially in the early morning.

Ain Al Diab Beach:

Located on the south side of Corniche Street, it is for people who love swimming.


Morocco’s third largest city, is a summer tourist haven, with its doors and colourful markets open to tourists, and a cultural centre in Morocco, because there are many traffic centres there, and Marrakech has a number of tourist attractions, including

the Wadi Aseel River:

this river has a vault connecting the river to the charming green Magoril Park.

Museum of Islamic Art:

Visitors come to visit this museum to see the landmarks of Moroccan civilization.


Located between the continent of Europe and Africa, Tangier is at the crossroads of the Mediterranean Ocean.
It is one of the most important cities in Morocco in particular and Africa in general.

It is an economically rich city with many banks and economic companies, making it one of the most important cultural centers in Africa as a whole, with many theatres, museums, and art halls, and Tangier has many tourist places, including:


The Kasbah is located at the highest point of Tangier, enabling tourists to see Spain remotely and encouraging them to take pictures, one of the rarest points in the world, where people can see two states at the same time.

Kasbah Palace:

A museum that helps to get to know the city more, it was the governor’s palace in the 17th century AD.

The Big Market:

Located in the northern region of the city, this market contains the true spirit of Tangier, where King Mohammed V declared Morocco’s independence in 1947.


Tangier has many central mosques, including the Kasbah Mosque, the New Mosque, and the Grand Mosque.

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