Road Trips

The Most Beautiful Road Trips that you should Take Once in Your Life

Road trips provide an opportunity to see the world with the added flexibility to stop wherever and whenever you want – to take the perfect photo, or learn about the local culture, at your own pace without restrictions or conditions.

Therefore, here are our top picks for the most beautiful road trips in the world.

The most beautiful road trips around the world

Route 66 Trip, One of the Most Beautiful Road Trips in America

Everyone has heard of Route 66, but what makes it so special?

On a purely functional level, the funny takes you through the countryside from Chicago to California, but in reality, what you’ll experience is a fascinating journey fueled by views of the countryside and small towns of America.

These tiny pockets are connected by vast highways surrounded by the best nature can throw at you.

And since modernization and urbanization are creeping up every aspect of this road, so this is one road trip that you should try to take as soon as you have the chance.

Tuscany Territory, Italy

It is impossible to choose a single route through the lush hills of this wonderful Italian region.

Your journey can begin in Rome and head north to Lake Como, and the route can be finished in seven hours, but there are many wonderful cities where you can stop, including Florence.

Spend a week enjoying the art and architecture of this historic Renaissance city.

Ring Road Trip, one of the most beautiful road trips in Iceland

Most visitors to the country of Iceland tend to limit their visit to the capital city of Reykjavik.

But to see the best that Iceland really has to offer, head to the 1,200-kilometer (800-mile) Ring Road 1 that takes you on a tour around this entire island.

Driving in winter can be challenging, so be sure to choose a car that is suitable for all the terrain you’ll encounter – including mountain fields and glaciers.

Wild Atlantic Road, Ireland

For many experienced drivers, this is considered one of the best and most remote road trips in the world.

The road runs along the west coast of Ireland, with cliffs on one side of the road and the Atlantic Ocean on the other.

And be sure to stop regularly along the way to admire ancient castles and views of exotic rock outcrops, as well as picturesque beaches and dolphin and whale watching.

You can also learn about the lifestyle in the villages you will pass through.

Karakoram Highway from Pakistan to China

This famous tourist route is one of the highest paved roads in the world and is also known as the China-Pakistan Friendship Highway.

It takes you from Pakistan’s Punjab province to Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, China’s largest subregion.

The highway is also connected with the remains of the ancient Silk Road, which was once known for its glaciers and mountains.

The best time to travel is in late spring (May) or early autumn.

Atlas Mountains in Morocco

The Atlas Mountains route is perhaps one of the most dazzling in the world, and it is still a safe and well-kept route.

The majority of this trip takes place in Morocco, and you are sure to get a warm welcome from the locals.

This scenic road trip is also suitable for those looking to take a motorcycle ride.

In addition, some companies offer an opportunity to rent cars if you want to pack some extra baggage into your flight luggage.

Pacific Coast Highway, United States

Another beautiful American road trip. This route runs from San Francisco south to San Diego.

But the best stretch to see is at the point where the Santa Lucia Mountains appear with an intense and dramatic backdrop of the coast.