Premium tips make traveling with your pet a hassle-free experience


A few things to note about traveling with your dog in the car

We know they shouldn’t be left alone in the car at elevated temperatures, right Heating cars more than we think. For example, when the outside temperature is 70 degrees Fahrenheit, the car will reach 80 degrees in 10 minutes.

Never allow your pets to join you in the front seat if you have airbags.

Is the dog nervous

As soon as Sora’s cancer returned for the fourth time, we began to look for several supplements that could help rest and suppress tumors. A friend was highly advised to look at CBD oil. I’ve learned that in addition to studies showing that CBD oil can slow the growth of cancer cells, it also helps with a number of other problems, including anxiety.

Veterinarians don’t recommend giving pets sedatives before flights, so CBD oil is a great alternative to help calm the puppy’s nervousness. Similarly, I have friends who say it works great for those with dogs that get nervous in the car.

When to offer water and food to your pet

It’s the best practice to shed light on the amount of food and water you give your animal before a long trip. Limiting the amount of water ingested before leaving will reduce the need to urinate while traveling. Some water is enough to keep hydrated, but keep it limited to a few sips every hour or so.

Depending on the time of day you travel, it’s okay to serve the full meal, for example, if you’re traveling for 6 hours after the animal has eaten its meal.

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