Types and effects of Hair Restorers

What kind of hair restorers are popular? There are over-the-counter drugs and pharmaceuticals for hair restorers, but you may be wondering which one to use and the effect will be good. we will tell you about the types and effects of hair restorers.


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Differences between over-the-counter and pharmaceutical hair restorers


There is a big difference between over-the-counter drugs and pharmaceutical hair restorers in the substantial effects that appear on the scalp. In the first place, effective drugs for hair growth should not be called pharmaceuticals unless they are properly approved, so many hair restorers sold in the general market are not pharmaceuticals. For example, there are ways to grow hair by prescribing specialized medicines, but when using such means, you must go to the clinic and have the medicine prescribed. Since only pharmacists and doctors can handle state-approved drugs, you need to know that at least there are not many over-the-counter drugs sold in the country that can be called such general drugs.

So, what exactly are the differences between these hair restorers and the scalp? Generally, hair growth agents that are approved as pharmaceuticals have a medical basis, so they must be used while considering side effects. Instead, there is a medical basis and the effect has been confirmed, so there is an advantage that it can be effective if you continue to take it for a long time. On the other hand, some of the things that can be purchased in the market are not sure whether they have a clear effect on the scalp. Pharmaceutical products have patent and copyright issues, so as long as one company continues to use it, other companies cannot imitate those ingredients. Therefore, there are many products that contain various ingredients in hair growth agents.

Over-the-counter drugs and pharmaceutical hair growth agents have completely different positions as drugs, so it is important to understand this when using them.


Popular hair restorers and effects


Popular hair restorers like Rogaine often contain specific ingredients. That ingredient is called minoxidil.

In order to perform hair growth efficiently, it is first necessary to arrange the environment of the scalp so that hair growth can be performed. What is necessary for the preparation is an ingredient called minoxidil. Minoxidil is, simply put, effective at dilating blood vessels in the scalp. When utilizing hair restorers that contain minoxidil, the blood vessels of the scalp expand and the blood flow becomes very good.

So why does improving the flow of blood in the scalp have a positive effect on hair growth? Basically, it is the nutrients carried by the flow of blood that promote the growth of hair. In other words, if the blood cannot carry good quality nutrients to the scalp, you will not be able to grow your hair.

In fact, when you are examined at a specialized clinic, the first thing you do is check the condition of the patient’s scalp. If sebum and dirt are accumulating, start by removing them and creating a good scalp condition before performing specialized treatment. By doing this, efficient hair growth can be realized when good nutrients are brought to the scalp.

Minoxidil is not the only vascular-dilating ingredient found in hair restorers, but there is no doubt that minoxidil is the most effective ingredient. Many drugs that contain minoxidil are designated as medicines, so you must be careful not to make a mistake in using them when actually using them. If you use it continuously, you will definitely be able to improve the condition of your scalp and promote good quality hair growth.


Points to note when using hair restorer

When using hair restorers, it is important to prepare the scalp environment. If you use it in a state where there is scalp trouble such as acne or eczema, symptoms may worsen, and there is a risk that the risk of thinning hair will be increased unnecessarily. In addition, the effect of the hair growth agent itself will also be thin, so it is better to first make sure to take care of the scalp and then use it.

It is also a point to note that when you feel that it does not fit your scalp, do not use it forcibly. Some hair growth agents contain ingredients that can be irritating, so depending on the constitution, it may not be suitable for the scalp. It is also a cause that becomes a burden to use things that do not fit the scalp, so it is better to refrain from using it when symptoms such as itching, rash, acne start to appear.

In addition, it is necessary to limit the use of hair growth agents to an appropriate amount. It seems that there are cases where the amount of application is increased or the number of times of use is increased with the desire to increase the effect, but just because the amount is increased does not mean that it is effective. Rather, the risk of scalp trouble increases, and it will be consumed unnecessarily, so care must be taken against excessive use.

After application, it is better to try to penetrate the scalp. In order to use it effectively, the active ingredient must be penetrated. In particular, hair restorers tend to be difficult to penetrate because they are foreign substances to the scalp. If you leave it after application, the effect will be thin, so it can be said that it is better to devise a way to increase the penetration power by performing massage etc.

It is also important to use it with continuity. Basically, it is not something that will have an immediate effect, so you need to continue using it. Nevertheless, it will be difficult to get the effect if you use it or not use it, so be careful not to forget to use it.